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Round of Applause

NCDCTA Capital Dressage Classic - June 2013

Jennifer West and Kashmir: 

CDC was Jennifer’s first show in a long time, so therefore started out the first day with some show nerves .... but I was delighted in their progress over the three days.  On Friday, Jennifer was 11.65 percentage points off the leader of her class (the AAs in First “2”).  On Saturday, she was 4.189 percentage points off the leader.  On Sunday, she was 2.432 percentage points off the leader, with the second, third and fourth place separated by less than 1 percentage point.  Her improvement within her cohort of riders was pretty remarkable.

Liz Bromberg and Magda:

First place with 66% which won them the Jessica Palmer Memorial Award for the top scoring adult amateur over 50.  Magda is so proud of her new halter!

Bonnie Gibson and Bordelleaux:

Earned her USDF Silver Medal!!!

Katherine Christopher and Let’s Lindy:

Katherine’s main interest is eventing, but she decided (for the first time) to try her hand at an open dressage show to get some experience.  They placed 2nd at Training 2 with a 63%, and 3rd at Training 3 with a 64%!

Kathy Gubar and Murano:

Won their Fourth level 2 class with a 62%

Mary Elizabeth Jones and Majestic Dream:

Made their Prix St. Georges debut and placed 2nd with a 62%

Dressage in the Sandhills - May 2013

Dawn Weniger on Don Derrick:  PSG Developing Horse 2nd place 63.6%

Jean DeVenny    D.W. Bling  

2nd level test 1    66%   First

2nd level test 3   69%   First

2nd 1 level test   68%   First

2nd 2 level test   72.6% First

2nd 3 level test   68%   First

Laurie Weiser    Roseblume

2nd level test 2   68.8%   First

Liz Bromberg    Magda

4th level test 1    66.7%    First

4th level AA sweepstakes  64%  Second

Terry Sosa    Wereina

2nd level test 2   64%   Third

Lauraine Rivier    Borealis Blume

2nd level test 3        60%        Second

2nd level test 3        64.7%    Second

Dawn Weniger    Don Derrick

PSG   68.8%    First

4th level test 2    70%   Second

Our “mascot”

Spring Break Dressage - April 2013

Dawn Weniger and Don Derrick debuted at Prix St. Georges and were third place with a 65%; won both their Fourth 3 classes with 69%; were second place in the USEF Developing PSG with 62%; and second in the Fourth level stakes class with a 67%

Jean DeVenny rode Last to Leave for owner, Deonna Donohue.  They won their First 1 class with a 70%, placed second in their First 3 class (69%) and their First 2 class (67%)

Jean DeVenny on D W Bling: Debuted at Second level and won three classes with scores between 66% and 70%

Bonnie Blake Gibson returned to the show ring with Bordelleaux and placed 2nd in their Fourth 1 class with a 65%

Laurie Weiser riding Roseblume were second in both her Second level 2 classes.

Lauraine Rivier riding Laurie Weiser’s Borealis Blume won both their Second level 2 classes with scores of 61% and 65%

Liz Bromberg on Magda:  Debuted at Fourth level test “2” and received respectable scores of 61+% all three days, winning one class and placing 2nd in the other two. 

Connie Harter rode A Whale’s Tale at Williamston Spring Dressage.  Connie was attacked with show nerves in her first Training level 3 class, but still pulled off a 62%.  She came back later that day to triumph in her First level 1 class with a 66% and 2nd place.

Enjoying a break from grooming for his wife (Dawn) and daughter (Anna)

Celebrating at Spring Break Dressage - Liz Bromberg 4/23

All Arabian Show - April 2013

Catelin Brown rode Black Ice Third level at the NCAHA/ODAHA All Arabian Show on April 5th and was awarded a 66% which earned her the USDF Bronze Medal.  Special congratulations Catelin!

Congratulations to our “Winners” from the USDF Regional Championships

Lynn and d’Artagnan won the Grand Prix Musical Freestyle Championships

Liz Bromberg and Magda were 8th in the Third Level AA Championships and won their debut class at Fourth level

Catelin Brown and Black Ice were 4th in the Second Level AA Championships

Lauraine Rivier and Borealis Blume were 7th in the First Level AA Championships and 6th in the Second Level AA Championships

Black Ice (aka Buddy) and Borealis Blume (aka BB) discussing their placings

Dawn Weniger and Don Derrick were 3rd in the Second Level Musical Freestyle Championships and 7th in the Third Level Open Championships

Jean DeVenny and DW Bling were 8th in the Training Level Open Championships

Congratulations to Mary and Joshua

While we were all getting ready for the Championships - Mary von Werne was getting married to Josh Jones.  Didn’t she make a beautiful bride???!

Congratulations to our NCDCTA Champions!

I'm tremendously proud of all of you!

left to right

  1. BulletKathy Gubar on Murano were 3rd Level AA Reserve 61.7%

  2. BulletLynnLeath on d'Artagnan were the Large Tour Champion 63% and FEI Musical Freestyle Champion 70.5%

  3. BulletDawn Weniger on Don Derrick who were the Third level Open Champions 73.5% and USDF Musical Freestyle Champions 75%

  4. BulletLiz Bromberg on Magda who were the Third level AA Champion 67.5%

  5. BulletRhonda Dretel on Titus who were the Small Tour Reserve Champion 65% and FEI Musical Freestyle Reserve Champion 69.6%

  6. BulletLauraine Rivier holding Borealis Blume who were the Second Level AA Reserve Champion 65%

  7. BulletMissing is Jean DeVenny riding Last to Leave who was Training Level Open Reserve Champion 71%

Lauraine Rivier on Borealis Blume

Second Level AA Reserve Champion 65%

Lynn Leath on d’Artagnan

FEI Freestyle Champion

Grand Prix 70.5%

Rhonda Dretel on Titus

FEI Freestyle Reserve Champion

Intermediare 69.6%

Liz Bromberg on Magda

NCDCTA AA Third level Championship 67.5%

Dawn Weniger aboard Don Derrick won both the Third level Open Championship with 73.55% and the USDF Musical Freestyle Championship with 75.458%

The pair also just won the
Second Level Musical Freestyle BLM Championships!

Thanks to all my hard working and talented students for helping me win the Trainer’s Award at the Capital Dressage Classic 2012

Raleigh Summer Dressage I & II - July 2013

Liz Bromberg riding Magda:  Won both her 4th 2 AA classes with 65% and 61%

Connie Harter riding A Whale’s Tale:  won her First level class w/ 65%, and was 2nd place in her Training level class w/68%

Bonnie Gibson riding Bordelleaux:  Fourth level 2 classes - 2nd place w/63% and 3rd place w/ 62%

Rhonda Dretel riding Demaskus:  Won both her classes at PSG and Intermediate 1

Early Morning Blues Dressage - August 2013

Lauraine Rivier riding Borealis Blume placed 2nd in their 2nd 3 class with a 65%

Rhonda Dretel riding Demaskus won both her Int 1 classes with 68%

Labor of Love Dressage - Aug-Sept 2013

Terry Sosa riding Wereina won her 2nd level 2 AA class

Mary von Werne riding Majestic Dream placed 2nd in the open PSG with a 63%

Lauraine Rivier riding Borealis Blume won both their second level classes with 66% and 63%

Connie Harter riding A Whale’s Tale were 2nd (1st 1 63%) and 4th (1st 2 62%) place

Liz Bromberg riding Magda achieved one win and 2 2nd places at 4th level test 2

Pinehurst Fall Dressage - September 2013

Jean DeVenny on Bling won both their 1st level 2 class (75%) and 2nd level 2 class (74%)

Liz Bromberg and Magda won both of their 4th level 2 classes

Harvest Moon Dressage and NCDCTA Championships - October 2013

Laurie Weiser on Roseblume won the 2nd level Championships with a 68% and Lauraine Rivier on Borealis Blume were Reserve Champions with 66%

Rhonda Dretel on Demaskus won the Small Tour (PSG/Int 1) championships with 67%

Bonnie Gibson riding Bordelleaux placed 4th in the Fourth level championships with a 65%

Autumn Leaves Dressage and BLM Championships - Oct-Nov 2013

Jean DeVenny and Bling won the 2nd level Sotheby’s Stakes with 70%.  Won 2nd level open class with 67%.  Third place, Second level BLM’s 70%

Kathy Gubar and Murano placed 2nd in their 4th level 2 class and placed 10th in their BLM finals.

Lauraine Rivier on Borealis Blume placed second in their 2nd level 2 class with a 67%.  Placed 6th in the Second level BLM Championships with 62%

Liz Bromberg and Magda placed sixth in the Second level BLM Championships with a 61%

Laurie Weiser and Roseblume won their 2nd level 2 class with 67%

Nancy Sharpless on Catch the Wind placed Third in their 3rd level championships with 65%

2013 NCDCTA Horse of the Year Awards

Lauraine Rivier and Borealis Blume placed third at Second level

Katherine Christopher and Let’s Lindy placed fourth in the Jr/YR Novice level in the Eventing division

Liz Bromberg and Magda won Fourth level AA award

Jean DeVenny and Bling were the Reserve Champions in the Second level open division

Jean DeVenny and Last to Leave were First level Champions

Rhonda Dretel and Demaskus were Champions of the Adult Amateur Prix St Georges.

Bonnie Gibson and Bordelleaux were Fourth level Reserve Champions at Fourth level.

2013 NCDCTA Horse of the Year Awards - Eventing Division

Katherine also placed Second in the novice division of Cabin Branch Horse Trials with her dressage score of 29

Katherine Christopher riding Let’s Lindy won the Novice division of the Five Points Horse Trials with her dressage score of 31

Rhonda Dretel, Katherine Christopher, Dawn Weniger, Liz Bromberg, Laurie Weiser.

d'Artagnan winning NCDCTA Championships with his new Grand Prix Musical Freestyle 70.4%

Dawn Weniger

US Dressage Finals Reserve Champion Fourth Level Freestyle

USDF National Champion Fourth Level Freestyle

-At Fourth Level, 6th in the nation out of 127 eligible
-Prix St. Georges, 35th of 492 eligible

NCDCTA Championship Show: Fourth Level and Prix St. Georges Champion

NCDCTA HOY - Champion Prix St. Georges, Reserve Champion Fourth Level, Third Freestyle

Jennifer West competed Kashmir 2nd level for the first time in 2014

Katherine Christopher and Let’s Lindy moved up to Training level (eventing) in April of 2014 and placed 2nd at Long Leaf Horse Trials.  Reserve champions in the NCDCTA Jr/YR Training level eventing division.

1st at Running Start Horse Trials - Training Division, Nov 2014

Laurie Weiser and EM Roseblume achieved her USDF Bronze Medal with scores up to 66+%

Liz Bromberg continued to show Magda PSG and was leading HOY for most of the year.  Then Magda needed some time off and they slipped to 4th place. See photo below


In November, Liz purchased a lovely young horse,
named Vigoureux

Rhonda Dretel and Demaskus

NCDCTA HOY:  Champion AA Intermediare I &
Champion AA Musical Freestyle

Mary Von Werne-Jones and Majestic Dream showed at PSG at Dressage in the Sandhills, Capital Dressage Classic, Labor of Love, and Early Morning Blues. Placed fourth NCDCTA HOY at PSG




Michael Poulin taking a moment to praise Liz Bromberg's young horse Vigoureux during a recent clinic.

Katherine Christopher and Let’s Lindy placed

1st at Southern Pines Horse Trials - Training Division, March 2015 and

6th at the Carolina International Horse Trials - Training Division, March 2015

They moved up to the Preliminary level at

Long Leaf Horse Trials in April 2015 where they placed 7th in their division. 


March Magic Season Opener

The PRO/AM team “North Star Peeps” hit the ball out of the park at March Magic Dressage! The winning team included Lynn Leath, winning her Grand Prix freestyle (72.8%) on d’Artagnan;  Liz Bromberg on Vigoureux winning three of her Training level classes with an average of 72%;  Karen Allred on Stargazer Lilly winning two of her Training level classes (70%); and Jennifer Swanson aboard Corsana, who earned her USDF Bronze medal and won her Second level freestyle with a 72%  Liz also won her Prix St. Georges class (63.3%) with Magda.  An additional show stopper was Dawn Weniger making her debut at Grand Prix aboard Don Derrick winning her class with an outstanding 71.9%  What an amazing weekend!!!

And while all this was occurring in Williamston, Katherine Christopher was galloping Let’s Lindy around the Preliminary course at the Carolina International Event in Raeford, where she came in 10th out of a field of 40 competitors!  

Jennifer Swanson riding Corsana

Lynn and d’Artagnan finished out 2015

being 3rd in the country in the

Adequan/USDF Musical Freestyle, Grand Prix division!

2016 NCDCTA Horse of the Year Awards

The North Star team proudly displayed their awards at the NCDCTA HOY gala. Pictured (left to right): Liz Bromberg, Jennifer Swanson, Karen Allred, Adrienne Wisenberg, and Katherine Christopher.


2017 was a year for horse shopping!

•Laurie Weiser had an exciting year – first she got married, and then she purchased Louisiana! Laurie hopes to show the five-year old mare at First level in the coming year.

•Lana Hall added to her string of horses in 2017 with the purchase of Diamont, a Polish warmblood, trained to Grand Prix. Lana looks forward to learning all she can from this super schoolmaster in 2018!

•Jennifer Swanson bought herself a pony for Christmas – a 14.1 hand, palomino, Welsh-Trakehner pony, named Glitterati. Jen hopes to show Glitter at First level, while she and her mare Corsana work towards Fourth level.

•Karen Allred recently purchased an upper-level Andalusian-Hanoverian gelding, Del Norte. She looks forward to learning from this 17.2 hand schoolmaster, and transferring her knowledge to her mare, Lilly, who she hopes to show at Second level.

•Lynn Leath spent a year searching far and wide for her unicorn, Geronimo, a six-year old gelding that she recently imported from Holland. Lynn has high hopes for Geronimo and looks forward to training him to Grand Prix!

2017 was a year for Musical Freestyles and USDF Medals!

•Pianist Karen Allred, and her mare, Stargazer Lilly, made their musical freestyle debut at First level with a score of 70% at Labor of Love.

•Liz Bromberg and her 7-year old gelding, Vigoureux, made their freestyle debut at First level, and finished up the season with Championship ribbon sashes at the GAIG/USDF Region 1 Finals and at the NCDCTA Championships, with scores up to 76%.

Not everyone stayed in the sandbox in 2017!

•At the Carolina International CIC event, Katherine Christopher and Frodo of the Shire (aka Fred), finished 12th out of 70 starters in the CIC1* division, and had one of only 10 double clear XC rounds of the day. 

•At the Ocala Jockey Club 3 Day International Event, Katherine and Fred ended up 18th out of 93 starters in the CCI1* division, finishing on their dressage score. And Fred received a TIP award for being the second highest placed Thoroughbred.

•Finally, at the American Eventing Championships, Katherine and Fred placed 9th out of 50 starters in the preliminary division.

(Photos of Katherine and Fred by Shannon Brinkman)

Melissa Deal earned her final scores for the USDF Bronze medal aboard Lynn’s Grand Prix horse, d’Artagnan, at Autumn Leaves Dressage in October 2017.

2017 NCDCTA Horse of the Year Awards

Katherine Christopher and her OTTB, Frodo of the Shire (aka “Fred”), took home the Reserve Champion ribbon in the Preliminary eventing division.

Liz Bromberg and her 7-year old Trakehner gelding, Vigoureux won the Championship trophy in the AA Musical Freestyle division; and Liz and her Swedish-Trakehner mare, Magda, were 3rd in the AA Intermediaire I division.


Katherine Christopher aboard Frodo of the Shire (aka Fred) started out the season at Southern Pines I Horse Trials with a win of the Preliminary Rider Junior division on her dressage score of 28.8%. She had double clear cross country and show jumping rounds

Lynn Leath’s Geronimo made his US show ring debut at Prime Time Dressage, April 28-29, in Raeford. Geronimo was a bit excited in his first outing, but settled down for his final test to score a 72% at Training 2. The judge noted his marked improvement from Saturday to Sunday, and remarked on what a lovely horse he is…and that there is a lot more in there yet!

Geronimo relaxed while having his hair done by Lynn.

Laurie Weiser’s young mares both showed tremendous poise and grace at Prime Time, competing at Training level in only their second show. Laurie showed her newest mare, Louisiana (AKA Lulu), over the weekend; while Becca Despar Swann took over the ride on Laurie’s homebred, Brilliant Blume (AKA Brilly). Both mares scored consistently in the 60s, enjoyed lots of treats, and went home exhausted!

Brilly expressed her opinion.

Laurie and Lulu showed off their lovely canter.

Liz Bromberg and Vigoureux won the Second Level Challenge, and took home blue ribbons, cash, and prizes!

Prime Time Dressage

Kathy Connelly Clinic

Lynn and Liz took Geronimo and Vigoureux to the Kathy Connelly clinic at the Preserve in Washington, NC (May 11-12). Not only did everyone have fun and learn a ton, but Geronimo made a friend!

Geronimo exchanged greetings with Wanda Morrow’s Pishgah (aka “Sweet Pea”).   (Photo by Patti Farless)

Capital Dressage Classic

Lynn and Geronimo topped the Open division of the Training level Sweepstakes class to win a blue ribbon and $146!   Liz Bromberg and Vigoureux took home the Second level AA Division Championship, with scores up to 69.6%.   And Melissa Deal earned another score towards her Silver Medal with d’Artagnan, at Fourth level.

Melissa Deal’s husband caught her kissing another man in the barn at the Capital Dressage Classic. (Photo by Chris Deal)

Susanne von Dietze Clinic

The wonderful Susanne von Dietze traveled from Israel to Chapel Hill for her 7th annual clinic at North Star Training Center. She gave riders and auditors alike plenty of creative ways to move, think, and ride more effectively.

Pictured right - Susanne von Dietze (center, in baseball cap) and riders Lisa Sheets (left) on Delirio, and Lynn Leath (right) on Geronimo.

North American Young Riders Championships

Katherine Christopher’s Frodo of the Shire (AKA Fred) traveled 44 hours to Montana to compete at the North American Young Rider Championships in the CCI1* division. Katherine was a member of the Area 2 Team that took home the Bronze Medal; she and Fred finished 7th individually; and Fred won the TIP award for being the highest placed OTTB in the division. Katherine and her mom were thrilled: "We love this horse! He has the heart of a lion."

Raleigh Summer Dressage

Keni Kerin beat the heat at Raleigh Summer Dressage (July 28-29), winning her Fourth 2 class on Wellie with a score of 64.4%, and earning the Fourth level High Score Championship. Not to be outdone by his stablemate, Max won both First 2 tests with scores of 69%. And all of Keni’s human students made her proud as well, scoring many personal bests and ribbons throughout the weekend.

Liz Bromberg and Viggy debuted their Second level musical freestyle in Raleigh -- a country medley including James Taylor, the Eagles, and the Dixie Chicks – and earned a blue-ribbon winning score of 73.33%!

Rise ‘n’ Shine Dressage

Evidently, Laurie Weiser and Louisiana (AKA Lulu) are “morning people.” Early ride times at Rise ‘n’ Shine Dressage in Pinehurst (July 14-15), didn’t faze this pair. They earned both the AA Training level High Score Award and the Danish Warmblood High Score Award.

Lulu showed off her tricolors for her stablemates.

Keni Kerin and First Classe (AKA Max) topped a large Training 3 class with a score of 70%! And Belcanto’s Welt (AKA Wellie) worked through some big distractions (bucking and loose horse in the adjacent arena) to earn a second place and 61% at Fourth 2.

Keni stayed calm, and Wellie regained his composure, despite explosive antics in the adjacent arena.

Liz Bromberg and Viggy from Raleigh Summer Dressage